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Kicking off "Run the Playlist" with The NFL, Verizon, and Apple Music

"Run the Playlist," a collaborative activation between Verizon, Apple Music, and The NFL, invites fans to listen to the same music their favorite teams use to get amped up before big games.
To help introduce this opportunity to my social media base, I was asked to document the Giant's game with live sketches and discuss how music motivates my artwork on TikTok and Instagram.

Memorable Plays and Play-Makers

Music is deeply personal, so to drive home the way this project offers fans a new way to connect with their favorite teams, some of my drawings focus on stories that Giants fans would never miss.
The illustrations below feature a tide-turning catch and the iconic salute that quarterback, Tommy Devito, uses to honor the Italian-American community in New Jersey.

Social Media Engagement

Sketches from the game were used to craft a complete picture on social media, including a TikTok video, Instagram Reel, and Carousel-style post–all of which can be seen below. Altogether, the activation resulted in 35.9K views and engagement across platforms.



104 Saves


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