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Mona Lisa Louvre 9 x 11" Print

Let this be definitive proof that not only did you see the Mona Lisa in person, but that you saw what seeing the Mona Lisa in person looked like.


In an effort to bring a little humor and a little light into what is often a disappointing experience, prints of this sketch will be available for a limited time.


Each order is fulfilled directly by a small print shop and sent in a protective sleeve so please note the signature is digital and the paper may need to be rolled out a bit before framing.


Other prints - including those from my hometown in New York City and my trips abroad - are available here as well. 

International Customers: Please note the shipping and VAT costs have increased a lot, so the current charge is the only way I can make my drawings available to you. Thank you for your support and understanding :)


If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. With much love - Kevin Zych

Mona Lisa Louvre 9 x 11" Print

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