Washington Square Park

An Illustrated Walk and Some Thoughts on Craft

Almost all of my artistic education derives from two short classes from two teachers, and both essentially taught me the same thing: "No noodling!"


At least, those were the exact words of the first teacher—Frank Santoro, author of Storyville—when I took his online Drawing Correspondence course. His advice meant something like, Draw in pen. Draw fast. Draw once.

I was given similar instruction by Veronica Lawlor when I visited her Drawing on Location class at Pratt Institute. Lawlor is one of the finest reportage illustrators and an artistic hero of mine. Her take is that a fast tempo helps drawings feel authentic and true to the way it really appeared. Looking at the subject more than the page helps make the marks look natural. There's nothing worse than seeing the outline of a face drawn over and over again because the artist couldn't commit the first time or had to use an eraser. There's nothing worse than noodling!

The following is a collection of a small demonstration of this idea, made in about an hour during a stroll through Washington Square Park.

Washington Square Park

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