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An Art Thief's Guide to
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The first rule of Sketch Club is you don't talk about Sketch Club—except here. Here, I will tell you all about Sketch Club.

First, some background: Sketch Club is for sketchy people, like me. It started when I invited some New York City-based artists I follow online to come out of the shadows, meet in person, and make things together. So far we've been to some sketchy places, including The New York Public Library, The Museum of the Moving Image, and more. 

Another thing about Sketch Club: We know the meaning behind the saying, "Good artists copy; great artists steal," which is often attributed to Picasso, who likely stole it from someone else. Members of Sketch Club often steal from each other and from other artists. One day, we toured the pride of New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I left with the trove you see here.

Drawings from the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas Wing

Drawings from The Metropolitan Museum of Art