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More Illustration Assets

The way I'm building some of the scenes for my current project, which I'm calling "Red Sky" for now, resembles the way older films used a stationary car and conveyer belt to make it look like the characters were driving through traffic. The main difference is I have several layers, and I'll time the way each moves from right to left depending on how far away that part of the scene appears.

The first layer. This part will move at the slowest rate.

This is the second layer. This part will move at a medium rate.

This is the third layer. This will move so quickly it will basically be a blur.

This is the fourth layer. I'm not positive I will include it, but I may have them appear for one frame, as if the camera were really there on the road and had to navigate through trees to keep up with the cars.

And finally, here is everything together.

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