Kevin Zych Madrid City Illustration

Urban Sketching in Madrid

I will never forget the feeling as I walked up the subway steps in Puerta del Sol, the main public square in Madrid. It was my first trip abroad, and I was taking in my first view of Spain. Everything looked like a painting–and so,I painted!

For two days before heading into the Urban Sketching Symposium in Amsterdam, drew and painted until I filled an entire sketchbook. Below are some highlights from my visit, from the most impressive views to the most subtle details, and everything in-between.

Sol Madrid

Street Art 

Graffiti and street art are really popular in Madrid, and as I explored the city, I found the combination of antiquity and modernity inspiring. Madrid is a city of color in every way, so I likewise layered on the paint.

Sketchbook Drawing by NYC Artist Kevin Zych

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