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Life is better when you draw it.

Learn the basics of urban sketching with these beginner-friendly classes.

Intro to Urban Sketching Drawing Class_edited_edited.jpg

All you have to do is look.

Learning how to draw is about learning how to see. With a few exercises, you'll see art everywhere, and putting it on paper will be more of a method than a kind of magic.

Intro to Urban Sketching Drawing Class

From zero to sketchbook hero.

Whether you can only draw stick figures or you have some prior experience, these classes will help you feel confident opening a sketchbook and drawing the world around you.

"The class was fantastic and just what I was looking for. I really enjoyed the process of getting out of my own head, finding a bit of stillness between my eyes and ears, and letting curiosity guide my pen."

Meg L.

In-Person Classes


Online Classes

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