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Sketch Artist Kevin Zych in NYC

Art Materials

The number one question I receive from other artists is about the materials I use, especially the paint pens, so I've outlined some options below.


That said, I always emphasize learning how to use the medium is more important than using the right one. If you're interested in that, I recommend my Patreon channel, which is where I'm building my first long-form drawing curriculum using various prompts. To get started, you can sign up here.

Paint Pens

Artistro Acrylic Paint Pens:

Artistro has several good packages at the best prices I've seen. If you're new to using these, this is the way to go. Coupon Code: KevinZych


Moleskine Watercolor Notebook

This notebook checks every box. I prefer thicker pages because I tend to pile layers of paint on top of each other, and this has always stood the test. I also like the size - good for carrying around - and the portrait orientation. The perfect street sketchbook.

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